Africanime- Inner Peace

by joobs

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This is the soundtrack to the alternate reality of Dreams Matter Time, it's the culmination of 6 years of instrumentals and lyrics. Hate that lame reality where niggas can't fly or shoot lasers from their hands? Join us in the DMT Wave, we party on the sun just so Egyptians worship us.





King joobs Phoenix, Arizona

Not For Human Consumption (aka joobs) is a singer, rapper, and electronic musician. His vocal output is eclectic- ranging from sung love songs to rap songs about super powers and partying. His production output includes hip hop, r&b, gabber, dubstep, drum and bass, trance, and beyond. He has performed in Manhattan, Mississippi, Memphis, Chicago, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Phoenix, and Bavaria. ... more

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Track Name: Inorganic Planet
point the whip
to lands where I trip
approach those who fit
and show them my zip and hyp
organic processed salt compressed
or the pill that gets all the ravers wet
lay to get what I want on a love seat
watch a movie until the earth's grip bugs me
her mouth above me
swallow the rings of inorganic planet so lovely

stare down the peace sign groovy
free love makes me loose as I down more gin
and juice this girl like a grape
and taste wine take mine in a straight line
my left nostril backed up like the belt parkway

I don't feel weight on my face
all i know is that I will ejaculate
leave your planet in the past

put away your phone cuz your man can wait
he don't know where we are and I'm not moving
so keep your negative vibe inside

this is my planet me and my homies

and this weekend
we're going for broke

it's a party, three niggas four girls with loose morals
living on shit from money we borrowed

and my man from the motel 6 went far away
all he left was a dvd... getting ahead of myself there

august 5th 2219
in the orbit of earth on a lucid dream
synthetically formed from some magic beans
that I bought from a guy in sandals at the motel 6

what an honest man

made the drop and ran

didn't stay to tell me of his plans

this could be my most honest relationship

cuz I don't lie to him

I just pay for shit

he deals wit one thing
not much yay
I don't mind I prefer the small time
If I don't drop 4 dimes on a good time
then I can pop 4 kinds and combine

my schedule designed around my trip and my weekend I drive

I want my tip in a young puerto rican
I'm grape gone my state wrong
and not on dxm
the moon's view sets the mood

I've got a positive attitude and I'll party with you if I'll save a few lives

I see punk chicks, black chicks, ravers too

we come through a few want me and you

the rush hits my head and I expand and feel like Jean Grey

come touch an X-Man

That shit your drinking aint shit to ex man

some come to my planet and get wet

X D C inorganic planet

they take all that's good and then cook it and can it
a euphoric rush that makes you crave a soft touch

find pillpoppin lasses and discuss bustin

god came and man made the next level
and by his hand we can all die sooner :)
but that's not a worry to the ideal consumer
inorganic planet YOU can die from a tumor

WE get to live today
I'm turned on by the light symphony
no better use
for chemistry
than elevating senses
and appreciating symmetry
at least when hugs are mentioned
I have hit warp speed and ran this hit to inorganic planet

zip to otherworldly hangouts
hip to other swirly outlets
wearing candy colored outfits
tight as rubber back and front
you wear a rubber in a bunny

or you may catch something funny
inorganic planet
drunk slamming xanex
don't run from the fear
run towards the challenge
distort the balance
cut short the ballast
I saw you see there's more to count for

don't believe the lies they spout
just don't let this shit turn you out
remain devout
hard pressed to count
days I'm on Earth I hop in my spaceship first when I wake up
lay in the sunlight
and keep dancing
it may flicker
you can manage
we're not doing any damage

inorganic planet let the beat handle it
I want a fanta I want a challenge
I want the Cid and I want to travel

I hear voices

I have a talent

I hear your voices inside of my head
it's like air and a mallet and water and granite
it's fun though it took a whole blotter to manage

there's one in particular I can remember
the mickey mouse clubhouse late in september
it's August 5th let's get laid and burn embers
and go back in time and play with our memories

derive new life and aim through synthesized eyes
feel the wind back pitch and hit what the red dot kissed

and imagine concepts shit you can't grip
you funnel, scoop but you only hold

cuz your body's hot
but the flow is cold

mUTE mOLOTOV i broke the mold

that's not distortion it's overload
Track Name: The World of joobs
pen to pad
jet to drag
control time like i do grav
friction fast
trappin atoms
eatin static

when I'm on your radio the next 5 stations change to static
zeus hits me with lightning every hour I'm the fucking baddest

mortals try to challenge demigods with power of the dragon
tantamount to xanadu vapor to me it's simply tragic
aping zach and ryu atomsk vegeta strouf of clyde

I never die

game over call me Vincent Valentine

through the vacuum I be flyin in nebulas to feel the grind
I create stars with my mind and eat em when they're aged like wine
gravity is nothing to me
black hole halo mastery
blowing minds wormhole blasting grey matter with stratocasters

hear the feedback? that's my lead
my tribe controls all frequencies
and we adapt with epic speed
we were born out of your league

my soul was torn out of my body set to fuse with dragon seed
I'm the kaiser felt in thighs from here to Thailand

Yo Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods jump
Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods jump
Yo Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls Rocket

Met a bitch bout a week in a gig
at a gig
while giggin at the peak while i live my dream
her dream was to ride on a mythical dick
got swag comin out of the rings in my nips
on a roll rubberbands on the grands that I grip
if it aint about a grand than it aint a paycheck
if it aint about a mil then a god won't commit
if you can't make a star than you can't kill it
I'm a monster, snout snort cloud smoking gravity
firebreather transforming to handle all this power
I can flip your galaxy 180 on its axis
then satisfy the black hole in its center so you never spin

joobs spells sin to the weak and unintelligent
your mind will bend as you analyze my sentences
i"m rollin so I'm feelin like a million me's are out to stud
if I'm out of condoms slut your rectums feelin friction

Yo Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods my nigga

coke and vodka absolut
sleep a little ravalut
party till the dawn is new
I'm on drugs well how bout you?
I never knew that I could do this much shit on this little food
partyin at pm 2
got here yesterday afternoon

rather do balancing acts with power tools
beat it dry robotrips I've had a few
raw pussy feeling like I'm stealing libido
sucked it out with my needle like a mosquito
my fetish is makin twat retreat
sucking toes lickin feet
feel that heat from belly skeet
pit crew swift too magnum xl gold leaf rubber on my tool
while pussy drool from the magnum mention squeezin like a fool

uh Yo Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods my nigga

Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods my nigga

Yo Welcome to the world of joobs
where the girls kiss girls as well as doods my nigga

get em up them hands and drop them pants
I know you love to dance to cut that lance

you wanna cut that stuff that hug that lug it around like ants tenser than vandal bowels
the band of vowels I spit have cancer laced tips
sicker than iller than blood with an AIDS kick
wanna know how I got me this incantation?

well I traced it
and then I memorized it I'm the greatest

all my enemies are basic

feelin out appeal to killy me in the north they fear the racists of the south
the underground wunderkind working the bar up and the bell curve
tight rope walking my last nerve
throwing a cat turd into my neighbor's back yard